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The differences between a guardianship and a conservatorship are few as they both result in having a responsible person appointed as the caregiver of a child or adult who is incapable of making their own decisions.


As the legal caregiver to an incapacitated adult or child, you are morally, legally and ethically bound to ensure that you always keep the best interests of your charge at heart.


To learn more about everything that is entailed with becoming a guardian or conservator for a loved one, call our office today or drop by during our business hours.

Be sure you meet with us to establish your final will and testament. This is a legal document in which you dictate who is to receive your personal belongings and the remainder of your assets and finances after you've passed away. If you should pass away without one, your estate will enter Probate, which is where the courts will decide the best manner in which to distribute your monetary and physical assets.


There are times when family members aren't going to agree with the terms of a will, and they will decide to contest it in a court of law. If you feel a will has been changed from someone's placing undo pressure or threatening harm to a loved one, you may wish to seek the advice of an experienced attorney and consider litigation.


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